Joe MollicaJoe Mollica II
LNK International, Inc.

Joe Mollica II is CEO of LNK International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products.  Joe has been instrumental in guiding the direction of LNK, a family owned and operated business, along with co-founders Joseph J. Mollica and Pankaj Chudgar.

With more than 40 years of experience, Joe has worked in nearly every capacity within the organization since 1980.  During his tenure, he has developed personal industry relationships and valuable partnerships with both retail and national brand customers, and is considered a fixture in the over-the-counter pharmaceutical industry. 

Joe’s innovations have created new opportunities for incremental sales growth among LNK’s customers and his development of products as alternatives to national brand equivalents has ensured that low-cost alternatives are available in the market where no generic is available.