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On the heels of several rounds of stimulus dollars and the reallocation of household budgets due to working from home, consumers are increasing their at-home food consumption. This creates an opportunity for retailers to promote the many benefits of their store brand offerings by encouraging purchase of their premium items, trial and experimentation with store brand products that feature new and unique flavors and ingredients or promoting the value that traditionally attracts consumers during challenging economic times.

In the first session of PLMA’s 2022 “Lunch and Learn” series, MaryEllen Lynch, Principal Consultant and Team Lead at IRI, will provide an update on this store brand landscape and identify retailer opportunities to increase demand for their own brands.

MaryEllen’s presentation will include an analysis of factors that are driving private brands growth across all retail channels; and a look at profiles of consumers who display high, medium, or low loyalty to store brands, and those with similar levels of loyalty to national brands.

On Thursday, January 20, for an hour beginning at 12:30 PM ET, don’t just break for lunch, come learn with us. Our L&L program on IRI’s new thought leadership study will contribute to increasing strategic collaboration that can open doors to new relationships and build lasting trust among store brand manufacturers and retailers.

Registration is free for PLMA Members & Retailers.

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