More Retailers Are Adopting AI

A rising number of grocers are using AI to help customers save time and have a better shopping experience. Among other examples, chatbots are already in use at Walmart to increase the speed and convenience of shopping.

And Amazon has released a new generative AI-powered shopping assistant, called Rufus. Rufus is built on a large language model that’s trained on Amazon’s expansive product catalog, customer reviews, community Q+As, and the broader web, according to Andy Jassy, Amazon’s President and CEO.

“It’s an exciting next step in the Amazon shopping experience and I look forward to seeing how it helps customers make better, more informed, shopping decisions,” Jassy wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Grocers plan to increase their 2024 artificial intelligence budgets 14% to 37% this year, according to a Grocery Doppio report. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of grocery executives expect AI capabilities to be embedded in most or all of their technology by 2025.